There are many ways in which you can help us bring art and health together.  

Are you a physician?

Art MD was created by resident physicians in internal medicine. We simply felt that physicians are often bound by the limits of time and medical jargon when it comes to communicate with patients, and we wanted to create a new platform to address important health issues with patients. Art MD periodically organizes volunteer events, art expositions in galleries, talks by physicians and artists and other events where art and health are merged together and we see the world through a different lens. If you are a physician and think that art may be a gateway to raise awareness about preventable causes of disease and help change your patients' habits, then don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Are you an artist?

If you are an artist, then we reach out to you and your creativity to help us find innovative ways to communicate with people about preventable causes of disease. It is difficult for all of us to grasp the magnitude and impact that a fast food chain or a tobacco product may have on one's health, and we may not always want to hear from out doctor that we ought to change some of our habits. Instead, what if art could present a message in a different way and make us comprehend more truly what is bad and what is good for us, and how we can go about about adopting healthier ways? If you are an artist and this cause resonates with you, and you think you can create such a message, please reach out to us.

Are you someone who would simply like to get involved?

Please email us at, or any of the email addresses listed in our about us page, and we will gladly get back to you.

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