Art MD is a charitable nonprofit organization with the mission of creating health promotion campaigns through art. Bridging the gap between art and medicine, Art MD looks for innovative ways to address important health issues.


Art is a powerful form of expression that transcends language and time.


Most of the important health issues that affect our community are in fact preventable. Art MD wants to directly involve the community in projects to campaign against the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States and worldwide.


Zeina Hannoush, MD.

A couple of years ago, she watched a documentary entitled “Wasteland”, which really inspired her to create an organization that could help both people and the environment and use Art to create health promotion campaigns. She is a endocrinologist who sees Art as an innovative way to help patients suffering from diabetes and obesity. Her enthusiasm for healthier habits and her love of art make her a great leader for this new concept of bridging art and medicine. 



Charlotte Morel, MD.
Vice president

Charlotte, co-founder of Art MD,  is a general internist. She sees Art MD as a great way to help her patients in the general practice because short encounters do not usually allow enough time to explain to patients the importance of a smoking cessation, healthy habits etc. She hopes to create a movement that will encourage people to adopt healthier habits, not only for themselves but also for the planet, by raising awareness about the harmful effects that a simple cigarette butts discarded on the street can have on our environment and our health. 



Grace Wu, MD.


Grace is a rising cardiologist. She joined Art MD because she wants people to know how much of a negative impact tobacco consumption, diabetes, alcohol etc. have on our cardiovascular system. She is a people’s person and readily invites everyone she meets to participate in our efforts to clean up beaches and streets that have been contaminated by waste that has also previously affected someone’s health. 




Alejandro Ayala, MD.

Dr. Ayala is an Associate Professor in Endocrinology in University of Miami- Jackson Memorial Hospital. He works as a mentor to Zeina and the other young rising physicians involved in Art MD. He has been a great supporter of the cause from the very beginning and is a great enthusiast whose valuable advice and help is always available. 




Melissa Vitolo, MD.
Public Relations

Melissa is Art MD's newest member. She joined after participating in one of our cigarette butts collection event. The event was held close to her house and she was happy to see that Art MD focuses not only on population health, but also on keeping our environment clean. She is interested in Gastroenterology and sees how art can help reflect the difficulties associated with challenging illnesses of the GI tract which may be related to unhealthy eating habits.  




Anabel Rub Peicher

Born and raised in Lima, Perú, she relocated to Miami on December 1974 and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Miami. 

"I believe in respecting human beings and nature. Through my art and actions I strive to spread compassion, happiness, kindness and peace. By undertaking different projects, I challenge myself to create unique works of art. I strive to encourage individuals and myself to become proactive and to empower themselves with positive values and actions in order to create a gentler and more peaceful worId" 


Our partners and collaborators



Medical Wellness Center/ University of Miami

- Bailey Hall/ Broward College

- Jackson Memorial Hospital

- American Lung Association Florida

- Louis Calder Memorial Library/ University of Miami



- Gavingvoid

- Starupbootcamp

- Keeplivin

- SciArt Center

- Volunteer Cleanup