Art MD  organized its first art exhibit with the goal of raising awareness about the negative impacts of tobacco. Our first location for the exhibit was Bailey Hall, Broward College, from July 16th until August 27th, 2016. The exhibit was then presented at the Louis  Calder Memorial  Library in the Miami Medical Center (1601 NW 10th Ave, Miami, FL 33136) from Oct 13th until Nov 25th 2016 and lastly at the Shalala Student Center in the University of Miami Campus from April 18th until May 20th 2017. 

All the art pieces presented in this exhibit seek to inspire the viewer in a different and creative way to quit smoking. Some of the art pieces in this exhibit are actually made out of recycled cigarette butts that have been collected from prior clean up events. In a way we are healing our environment by picking up cigarette butts contaminating our beaches and streets and turning something ugly into something beautiful to give people the courage needed to quit a habit that damages their health. 

"Smoke Out" best art piece winners:

1-Special category: Recycled Art (made out of cigarette butts which have been collected from beach clean up events). "Ceci n'est pas un fil" by Alvaro De Jesus. 

2- 2D art: "Choice" by Lisa Foster

3- 3D Sculpture: "Nobody knows the cosmetic damage tobacco can cause" by Judith Schwab

4- Photography: "Temptation, Guilt, Regret" by Jennifer Dipper

See pictures of the event and art pieces here

Our jurors:  Hernan Miranda, Artist, Anabella Mendoza, Art specialist and curator, and Charlotte Morel, Art MD's vice-president. 


Check out this Article from the Huffington Post written by Doctor Erin Marcus about Art MD:

“Smoke Out”: Tobacco Art for the 21st Century